After a cascade of Entergy failures that have harmed New Orleans residents, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ) and advocacy groups urge the City Council to require a management audit of the company. At the Council’s Utility Committee meeting, Councilmember-at-Large Helena Moreno agreed to move forward with an audit of Entergy’s management based on the groups’ recommendations. In a letter to the City Council, DSCEJ and advocacy groups recommend areas of focus for the Entergy audit that include:

a.     Leadership and staffing roles, responsibilities, and requirements
b.     Organizational structure, decision-making processes, internal controls, and external relations of all kinds
c.      Billing operations and verification method
d.     Emergency planning and response
e.     Salary and compensation levels
f.       Corporate culture and capacity to address the critical issues of climate change, a transition to a renewable energy system, advanced energy efficiency, and ensuring energy justice

DSCEJ is a member of Energy Future New Orleans, a coalition of advocacy groups and individuals working for energy solutions that are renewable, equitable, efficient, affordable, and livable.

Letter to the City Council – Click Here news report – Click Here

Video of City Council Utility Committee Meeting, 3/16/2021 – View Here