Navigate NOLA

Navigate NOLA is a pivotal division of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ Inc.), dedicated to fostering social-emotional well-being in New Orleans, aligning closely with the organization’s commitment to enhancing community wellness through comprehensive education and support initiatives. 

Climate change poses significant mental health challenges, including trauma from disaster events, stress, anxiety, and depression stemming from the socio-economic impacts of environmental changes. Navigate NOLA, plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges by cultivating systems that support resilience, offering mental health support in the aftermath of climate-related disasters, and through the integration of climate awareness into mental health and educational initiatives

Key Initiatives

Navigate NOLA, the community well-being division of DSCEJ Inc., plays a crucial role in nurturing holistic social and emotional development within the New Orleans community and beyond.

The work of the division is carried out through several key initiatives:

SEW-NOLA Program 

We provide curriculum development and implementation of SEW-NOLA, a pioneering social and emotional learning program, across Early Childhood Learning Centers and elementary and middle schools. This program lays the foundation for lifelong emotional intelligence and resilience.

Youth Development and Leadership

Our gender-based initiatives empower African-American adolescent girls through positive youth development and leadership programs, fostering a sense of agency and belonging.

Professional Development

We offer comprehensive training, education, and professional development for educators and school-based mental health professionals, equipping them with the tools to support the well-being of the children they serve. Our training focus on creating trauma-informed systems. 

Wellness Groups

Our wellness groups for African-American women advocate self-care practices, addressing the unique challenges faced by women in our community.

Advocacy and Research

Through diligent data collection and advocacy, we strive to advance policies aimed at dismantling educational inequities that disproportionately affect children of color, advancing justice for the most vulnerable among us.

Navigate NOLA Team

Dr. Danielle Wright

Navigate NOLA – Division Director

Della Wright

Director of Evaluation & Assistant Director of Navigate NOLA

Taleigha Crawford

SEW NOLA Coordinator

Alexandra Miceli

Social Worker

Danielle Morris

SEW NOLA Program Manager

Jada Price

Social Worker