National Black Enviromental Justice Network

The National Black Environmental Justice Network (NBEJN) is a national coalition of environmental justice organizations and activists of African descent. Founded in December 1999 and relaunched in August 2021, NBEJN currently engages with over 50 individual members and over 30 member organizations committed to fighting for climate and environmental justice at the grassroots level.

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NBEJN Vision

Building a world where Black people live in communities free from the vestiges of systemic racism and environmental degradation with full access to opportunities for building quality life for Black children and families.

NBEJN Mission

The National Black Environmental Justice Network is dedicated to improving the lives of Black people and addressing the systemic racism that harms and denies Black People equal access to environmental, climate, racial and economic justice, health equity, political power, civil rights, and human rights.

NBEJN Theory of Change

Our organizing strategy encourages active participation by individuals and organizations across spatial locations (urban, suburban, and rural), disciplines, economic strata, and generations with the goal of promoting a healthy, just, and sustainable future. In addition, NBEJN seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues among African Americans and African descent populations around the world that are impacted by environmental racism.

NBEJN has undertaken a four-point strategy to combat environmental racism that focuses on:

  1. Safe and healthy communities.
  2. Sustainable development, climate justice, and clean production.
  3. Civil rights and equal protection laws and policies.
  4. International human rights protection.


Amanda Bonam

Interim Network Manager, NBEJN

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