Join us in our fight for an energy future that is equitable, renewable, and sustainable!


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What will be the energy future of New Orleans?

The Deep South Center for Environmental Justice answers this question every day by fighting back against the injustice of Entergy’s polluting and costly gas-fired power plant near predominantly African American and Vietnamese American neighborhoods.

We have been in homes, community centers and churches raising awareness of the scientific facts about the gas plant:

  • more than 1 million pounds of toxic air pollution, including particulate matter that can cause severe lung and heart damage,
  • more than 700 million pounds of greenhouse gases that would worsen the climate crisis, and
  • groundwater withdrawals, which create the risks of accelerated land subsidence and impairment of flood control structure.

We are now in court. Our coalition of community-based organizations and environmental groups won a court judgment that threw out the New Orleans City Council’s approval of the Entergy gas plant application for violations of the Louisiana Open Meetings Law.

The case involves the national scandal of Entergy using paid actors to pose as concerned residents and show sham support of the gas plant.

There is undisputed evidence that the City Council’s approval was unfairly biased in favor of Entergy’s gas plant and disregarded renewable energy alternatives. The City Council and Entergy have teamed up to appeal the court judgment.

Our fight is not over!


Join us in our fight for an energy future that is equitable, renewable, and sustainable. We are asking you to support us by making a donation so we can continue to fight.