NEW ORLEANS, LA – New Orleans, LA  – In response to today’s Supreme Court’s decision in the West Virginia v. EPA case, Dr. Beverly Wright, Executive Director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, released the following statement:

“Today’s US Supreme Court decision is the latest in a series of egregious rulings that put millions of people at risk. By ruling that the EPA does not have the authority to regulate carbon pollution from power plants, the Supreme Court jeopardizes our health and blocks environmental justice. Black and other communities of color are disproportionately exposed to power plant pollution which causes premature deaths and worsens the climate crisis. Power plant companies have targeted communities where, on average, 52 percent of residents are Black, Indigenous, Latino, and Asian American. This preemptive strike on the EPA’s ability to reduce power plant pollution denies our right to clean air and climate action. We will continue our fight for environmental justice and equitable climate solutions.”