US DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm Travels to Louisiana

Today, the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ) will be among leaders of nonprofit organizations to meet in New Orleans with Secretary Jennifer Granholm, US Department of Energy. This will be the first time for a cabinet official to meet with community, environmental justice, and energy consumer advocates to talk about energy policy and investment in Louisiana.

Dr. Beverly Wright, Executive Director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice: “I’m looking forward to discussing with Secretary Granholm how local communities are driving policies to transition to an equitable and renewable energy economy in New Orleans that need her support. I would like her to understand that doling out taxpayer dollars for the climate scam of carbon capture and storage would only encourage coal, oil, and gas industries to grow and continue the injustice of sacrificing Black and other communities to these hazardous industries. We need an energy plan for Louisiana that cleans our air and prioritizes equitable investments in communities to efficiently power homes and vehicles with renewable energy, as well as invest in people to get the necessary training for these jobs.”