May 25th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm CST
This training is both a declarative and procedural learning experience, designed to provide vulnerable communities with the tools necessary to create culturally, responsive trauma-informed systems. The training module seeks to provide participants with the following

  • Increased understanding of a public health pandemic (Coronavirus) and a racial pandemic as a mental health disaster

  • Increased understanding of the impact of COVID19 on emotional well being

  • Increased understanding of trauma-informed systems

  • Increased understanding of ways to integrate trauma-informed practices across the systems with which community members interface

  • Increased understanding of activism and advocacy as a source of healing for vulnerable communities

Trauma-Informed Approaches in Youth-Serving Organizations is a web-based, trauma-informed practice workshop that is part of our larger Professional Development Series. The Series prepares youth development professionals and educators to be equity-focused, trauma-informed, healing justice practitioners. The session on trauma-informed practice covers Adverse Childhood Experiences and its impact on brain development in early childhood. We also address vicarious trauma and the importance of self- care for helping professionals. The session also covers the basic principles of trauma informed systems and the key assumptions of trauma informed practice, as well as strategies for implementing trauma-informed practices in our work.  Some of the strategies we cover in the training include social emotional learning activities along with identifying the ways in which writing, the arts, meditation and other practices can be implemented as healing modalities to support the well-being of young people and those who work with them.     Register here

rashida govan headshot
Dr. Rashida Govan
Executive Director, New Orleans Youth Alliance

Danielle Wright Headshot (2)
Dr. Danielle Wright
Division Director, Navigate NOLA