Today, the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice and groups around the state called on Governor Edwards to set a moratorium on permitting oil, gas, and other industries that release toxic pollution and greenhouse gases in Louisiana. Our letter recognizes that this call has gone unanswered for decades as Black and Indigenous communities in Louisiana have been harmed and displaced by these industries.

This week the International Energy Agency joined the call with a warning to governments and investors to stop new fossil fuel projects in order to avoid the worst of climate change. The time is now for us to center equity in the transition to renewable energy and electrification.

“There can be no climate action without environmental justice. Whether it’s shutting down the Dakota Access Pipeline or making communities greener and healthier, our work with advocates around the world shows that the power for change is in our hands. As a leader in both climate and toxic pollution, there is much we have to do in Louisiana for the people and our future,” said Dr. Beverly Wright, DSCEJ Executive Director.

Read the letter by DSCEJ and groups to Governor Edwards