New Orleans, LA – July 16, 2019 –  On the heels of what many expected to be an historic weather event in the City of New Orleans, a coalition of local and national groups and businesses submitted a sweeping proposal aimed at transforming the current energy system in the city to 100% renewable energy by 2040.  Hurricane Barry served as a reminder that resilience is intertwined with the fate of New Orleans, and that renewable energy as well as equity are the keys to its long term survival. This innovative proposal represents not only a first for New Orleans, but also for the Gulf South, and was developed through community input to ensure equity, reduced cost of electric bills, and lasting environmental benefits. The Coalition filed their proposal with the Clerk of Council on Monday, July 15th as a part of a formal City Council proceeding. ​

The Resilient and Renewable Portfolio Standard​ Portfolio Standard (R-RPS), developed by the Energy Future New Orleans coalition, establishes a comprehensive path for the City of New Orleans to reach 100% renewable energy by the year 2040, and to reach that target by addressing the greatest challenges faced by residents. Among these challenges are some of the highest energy costs in the country for low and moderate income households, and the ever present demands of the city to be resilient during frequent extreme weather events and power outages. Energy poverty is already a problem in New Orleans, with some customers paying as much as 23% of their income on Entergy bills. Climate change is expected to exacerbate these costs as extreme weather events push temperatures higher.

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