The Deep South Center for Environmental Justice is committed to an energy future for New Orleans that is shaped by residents through meaningful and effective public participation. To this end, we have opposed a plan by Entergy New Orleans, Inc. to build a gas plant near predominantly African American and Vietnamese American neighborhoods in New Orleans East. The gas plant would continue the pattern of environmental racism by releasing each year more than one million pounds of toxic air pollution near communities of color, increasing flood risks, and setting back citywide efforts to cut pollution that contributes to climate change. Today, we commend members of the City Council on their announced resolution to “repeal and rescind” prior approval of the proposed Entergy gas plant.

Council members to offer a resolution to repeal Entergy power plant, The Lens, Jan. 17, 2019.

Dr. Beverly Wright guest op-ed: What Entergy wants versus what New Orleans needs, The Times-Picayune, Mar. 2, 2018.