DSCEJ Celebrates Earth Day

The Deep South Center for Environmental Justice (DSCEJ) celebrated Earth Day on Saturday, April 20, 2002 by participating in the Mayor’s Annual Earth Day Celebration.  The event, sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Affairs, was held in conjunction with the Department of Parks and Parkways, New Orleans Recreational Department, Louisiana Nature Center, and the Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier Universities.  The event was held in the beautiful Joe Brown Memorial Park.

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Students for Environmental Justice Club Launch Donate-A-Phone Campaign

The Students for Environmental Justice Club (SEJC) launched its “Donate a Phone” campaign last spring at Xavier University. The purpose of the “Donate A Phone,” campaign is to help sustain the environment by recycling old cell phones that are no longer in use. Even though cell phones are small and light and doesn’t appear to present an environmental problem, research done by Inform, has shown by the year 2005 some 130 million cell phones will be discarded annually, amounting to 65,000 tons of trash. The batteries and printed circuits inside of cell phones contain nickel, cadmium, and other toxic elements.
Spring 2003

When you donate your old cell phone you will also help provide wireless telephones to victims of domestic abuse. Your old cell phone will be refurbished by the Wireless Foundation and donated to victims of domestic violence across the country.
Members of the Environmental Justice Club set up recycle bins in the political science, sociology, and history departments. The EJ Club also had a booth display at Xavier’s spring fest and distributed flyers to promote the “Donate A Phone” campaign. Members from the EJ Club would like to thank everyone for the cell phone donations. A recycle bin will be placed in the Campus Activities office at the beginning of the fall semester. Please spread the word about the "Donate A Phone" campaign so we all can benefit by living in a cleaner, safer environment. If you would like to donate your old cell phone, please call 504.304.3321. Don’t Throw That Old Cell Phone Away, Recycle Today!!!

Contact Information: Mary I. Williams, 304-3321

Community Empowerment/Permitting Process Workshop

This workshop addressed updates on environmental law and policy, New York State environmental justice policy. Attorney Monique Harden discussed how the  Bush Administration was sued for rolling back health protection in the Clean Air Act., DSCEJ Office Coca Cola Building Conference Room, April 25, 2003, Coordinator – Carolyn Woullard.

Honoring Women of Color in the Environmental Justice Movement "Crowning Women" Awards Dinner

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike." - John Muir

Friday, October 25, 2002

It was an occasion that many would agree was filled with excitement, reflection, testimonies, and celebration. "Crowning Women," was the first awards dinner held to honor women in the environmental justice movement. Thirteen women of color from across the country were honored for their fight for equal protection against pollution in their community.

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Deep South Center's Worker Training Graduates Join a Large Workforce to Search for Debris from the Columbia Space Shuttle Explosion

On February 22, 2003, the DSCEJ’s worker training program sent out a crew of program graduates to join a large workforce of government and non-government personnel who were assigned to comb the woods of East Texas in search of crucial debris from the Columbia Space Shuttle. 
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